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 November 21st, 2019

Fusion 2013 USA 

About Conventions

What is a Science Fiction Convention?

Very simply, a science fiction convention is a gathering of fans of the science fiction, fantasy or horror genre. There are several types of conventions and some events are a combination of these basic types:

  • Literary Convention: Celebrating books and authors of science fiction, speculative fiction, fantasy and/or horror. Guests are usually authors and events may include readings from their works, workshops and classes for writers, etc.
  • Media Convention: Celebrating media sci-fi (television and movies). Guests may include actors, writers, directors and producers, etc. Events usually include autograph sessions and Question and Answer sessions with the guests.
  • Comic Book Convention: Celebrates the comic book medium - may also include animation (especially Japanese animation aka Anime). Guests usually include the writers, artists, animations, etc.
  • Gaming Convention: May or may not include guests such as game creators. Gaming conventions are usually smaller events designed to let fans play card games, role play games, and/or computer games in the sci-fi, fantasy/horror genres.

Any of the above may fit into the two categories below:

  • Fan Run Conventions: Run by a club or other group of fans, usually for fun or a charity. Usually smaller, more personal shows with few guests and rarely big-name stars.
  • Professional Conventions: Run by a company or organization that make their living or part of their living from doing conventions. Usually larger shows with bigger-name guests (stars of shows rather than guest stars or behind-the-scenes only) though tend to be more impersonal.

For more information, choose a link below:

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  • FAQs about conventions (common terms, etc.)
  • Find a convention to go to on our convention calendar
  • Have some great pictures of costumes, celebrities, etc. from a convention? Email it to us!
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